Dairy Farmers Market in Hammonton NJ

Fiorentino’s Farm Market is the best place to fill all of your dairy, fruit and vegetable needs! We offer a wide variety of fresh dairy products including eggs, milk, cheese, butter and more. All of our dairy products are made or sourced from regional farms to ensure the highest quality and freshest taste. Fiorentino’s Farm Market’s dairy products will enhance the flavor of every dish they’re used in – guaranteed. If you’ve never had fresh, farm-raised eggs or other dairy products, you are missing out! Come down to Fiorentino’s Farm Market’s dairy farmers market in Hammonton, NJ to try our delicious, fresh dairy products today.


Farm Fresh Eggs

Fiorentino’s Farm Market sources our eggs from farms that ethically raise their chickens. This includes pasture-raised, cage free chickens fed an all-natural vegetarian diet. These elements combined allow us to sell you healthier and better tasting eggs.


Fresh Dairy Products

The dairy products we sell are sourced from healthy cows on local New Jersey farms, as well as farms across the tri-state region. These cows are humanely treated, free range and fed a well-balanced diet of grass and hay. The milk we sell is naturally delicious, creamy and flavorful! Fiorentino’s Farm Market offers skim, 1% milk, 2% milk and whole milk, as well as half & half, heavy cream, butter, sour cream, all kinds of cheeses, cream cheese and more!

See some of the many Dairy products we carry!

Visit our Dairy’s Farmers Market in South Jersey

The dairy farmers market at Fiorentino’s Farm Market in Hammonton, NJ makes it easy for you to get farm-fresh dairy and produce from our local farmer’s market. You can get almost all of your grocery shopping done right at our market. We’re open from early spring through late fall and each season brings new and delicious product offerings for you to enjoy. For more information on what’s in stock, call us during normal business hours at 609-561-0300. Our staff looks forward to serving you.

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