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Nuts are a versatile and healthy option for those looking to stay away from salty chips or other similar snack items. They offer a significant amount of healthy fats, vitamins and fiber in every serving. Eaten on their own or added to salads, baked goods, pasta dishes and more, for those looking to maintain a healthier lifestyle, nuts should be abundant in your home. At the nuts shop of Fiorentino’s Farm Market in Hammonton, NJ we offer dozens of raw and flavored nuts, as well as mixed nuts and gift baskets all at affordable prices.

Fiorentino's Farm Market Hammonton NJ Healthy Nuts Shop

Delicious, Gourmet Nuts

If you have a sweet tooth, but want to stay away from high-calorie cookies and candies, our gourmet nuts are perfect for you! They still maintain all of the healthy fats, vitamins and fibers as their raw counterparts, but with a touch of sweetness. Our most popular gourmet nut flavors are honey roasted, butter toffee, coconut toasted and caramel supreme. Purchase Fiorentino’s Farm Market’s gourmet nuts by the dozen; store in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 3 months.


Healthy, Raw Nuts

Those looking to stick to the healthiest options for snacking will appreciate our wide selection of raw, unsalted nuts. Without the presence of salt, raw nuts contain the highest content of antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, b-complex vitamins and more. Available by the pound, our raw nuts include peanuts, pecan halves, almonds and more. To maintain their freshness, it is recommended to store raw nuts in a cool, dry place for up to 6 months.

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Shop Bulk Nuts in Store

Besides a variety of raw and gourmet nuts available at our Hammonton, NJ farmers market, Fiorentino’s Farm Market also offers a plethora of other items. Browse through our many isles of fresh produce, dairy items, dried fruits, homemade jarred products, fresh baked goods and more! For more information or to see what we have in stock, give us a call at 609-561-0300.

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